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"The secret behind a successful trading is a good risk reward ratio. If you ignore this, surely, you will loose. It won't care, which great chart or trading strategy you are using. Most of the chart providers and tips providers are ignoring RRR. Result... know it."

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Learn, how to make profit from a BAD INDICATOR?

 Plenty of trading systems and trading tips providers are in internet, and they are all offering handsome profit through their service. we don't know whether its true or not. But the universal truth is that, none of the trading systems or trading tips are perfect.

 So, learn the art of making profit from any indicator...even, if it's a bad indicator. Now... stop searching holly grail, there is no such holly grail in the world.

 Is it difficult to learn?

 Yes...little bit, until you learn the tricks of identifying the market conditions.  Once you learn it...its so easy. Driving a car is very difficult for beginners. After learning, it is not difficult and regular practice makes a perfect driver. Remember, "No Pain No Gain".

We all know, there are three types of trend. Up trend, down trend and range bound. But if you  look closer at your chart, you can find some other conditions too. An up trend with low volatility, an up trend with high volatility, a down trend with low volatility, a down trend with high volatility, a range bound market with high and low volatility. Now it possible to trade with a single indicator in all these conditions? certainly No...a BIG No. if you is not is a clear gambling. 

Please follow these rules, you can also enjoy the trading which is night mare for most  traders.

1) Identify the market condition.

2) Use proper Indicator for entry.

3) Activate plan A .

4) If plan A fails..activate plan B to protect the capital.

Most of the children play cricket, but only few  get entry in National team. We all sing. but how many of us will be famous? We are all trading..only 5-10% will succeed. So LEARN TRADING before you trade or STOP TRADE for saving remaining capital.

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Our most popular tools:

IQF (Intraday Qualifying Factor) : Identifying most suitable scrip for Intraday trade.

TF (Trade Filter)                          : Asses the Trading risk of an entry.

Range                                        : Identify trending market or range bound market.

Real Robo Trade ver-1.0.0           : Robo Trading strategy.

Real Scalper ver-1.0.0        : Small stop loss and nominal reward.(ideal                                                           for beginners.)


We are proudly presenting an exclusive Indicator for Nifty Traders.

                                                NIFTY MAGIC INDICATOR
This indicator has been developed after extensive research of Nifty Futures and option Market.
Genuine performance report from 01/08/2013 to 28/05/2015.

Total Trade                                                      :  576
Total winning Trade                          :  501
Total Loosing Trade                                   :  75
Current Accuracy                                         :  86.97%
Net Profit                                                          :  Rs. 223207. 50

October  contract

Total Trade:                                    32
Total winning Trade:                       28
Total Loosing Trade:                      04
Accuracy:                                       87.50%
September  contract

Total Trade:                                    31
Total winning Trade:                       27
Total Loosing Trade:                      04
Accuracy:                                       87.09%

August  contract

Total Trade:                                    22
Total winning Trade:                       20
Total Loosing Trade:                      02
Accuracy:                                       90.90%

July contract

Total Trade:                                    37
Total winning Trade:                       33
Total Loosing Trade:                      04
Accuracy:                                       89.18%

June contract

Total Trade:                                    35
Total winning Trade:                       28
Total Loosing Trade:                      07
Accuracy:                                       80%

May  contract

Total Trade:                                    29
Total winning Trade:                       25
Total Loosing Trade:                      04
Accuracy:                                       86.20%

 April contract

Total Trade:                                    13
Total winning Trade:                       12
Total Loosing Trade:                      01
Accuracy:                                       92.30%

March  contract

Total Trade:                                    21
Total winning Trade:                       18
Total Loosing Trade:                      03
Accuracy:                                       85.71%

 February contract

Total Trade:                                    14
Total winning Trade:                       12
Total Loosing Trade:                      02
Accuracy:                                       85.71%

Yes, It is not Holy Grail......But it is a perfect trading system.

                                       Open challenge to India!!!!!
Show me an Indicator better than NIFTY MAGIC and get this indicator absolutely Free of cost.

watch live Demo for 1 day.......1 week..... or 1 month......then decide. 

Demo on Demand (Between 09:15 to 03:30PM)

Download and Install ShowMyPc3152
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Real Scalper Nifty Future Chart

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Real Scalper CRUDEOIL chart 


       Highly accurate Intraday trading system   

BUY SELL INDICATOR for Stock, Future, Options and Commodity

Super trend locator is an amazing tool to find the exact trend of the stock. This software will help you to increase the number of winning trades.

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                            Robotic Trading software                    


Are  you able to control your emotions while trading? If your answer is no, you are in trouble, You may loose your hard earned money. Still you want to trade, Robotic Software is an alternative.

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     Technical Analysis and Option Trading Training.   

Training for Equity,F&O,Currency and Commodity

Trading is a risky job. But without proper knowledge if u trade, this is called financial suicide. So learn it and master it.

We are conducting Online Technical Analysing Training and Option Trading Training throgh SKYPE

What is stock or commodity chart?

It is a sequence of OHLC (open,high,low,close) prices plotted over a specific period (time frame).  An expert chartists   analyse the chart and forecasting the future price movement with the help of various technical tools like moving averages(MA), indicators (RSI,MACD,CCI, ADX etc...) and bands(bolinger bands,keltner bands, percent band).

Why data feed is important for chart?

for displaying the past and current price status, chart need  a data source. if it is a real time data source, chart will display the real time status of the scrips. If it an end-of-the day source, chart will show the end-of-the day status.

What are the sources of data feed?

(a) Directly from exchange. This kind of data is highly accurate but the price of this data is very high.
(b)  From websites.  many financial based websites providing free data(yahoo finance, MSN Finance, Google etc..). of course it is free, but quality of the data feed is a big question mark?. many vendors extract                                    this data through a utility and providing  to their client with  subscription charge.
(c)  From broker's trading terminal (ODIN, NEST, NOW etc...).  it is highly complicated data source at least for beginners. 

What are the major charting software?

Amibroker, Advance get(e-signal), meta trader, meta stock, Ninja trader etc..

Why Amibroker is the best charting software?

Mainly amibroker is charging a one time fee only. And also it is offering highly advanced features like multiple data source support, multi page real time quote window, GET RT data function, Automatic trading via programming interface, free historical data from yahoo finance, MS money, Google Finance etc...,Multiple 3rd party data vendor support etc...

How to connect real time data plugin to Amibroker?

Go to File.....New.....and select data base.  And create a data base folder. select the data source. and fill the other parameters. Then add symbols ( Symbol....New). Select the symbols you want to plot.
(for detailed data base settings instructions, contact your real time data provider).

Who is the market data provider?

It is an another name of RT data vendor, they are distributing live  data from exchanges such as NSE Equity data, Index Futures data, Index Options data, Stock Futures data,  Stock Options data, Currency futures data, Currency Options data, Commodity data.
 NSE data providers mainly focusing Equity,Equity Futures, equity options,currency Futures, Currency Options,Index futures like NIFTY, BANKNIFTY and Index options Like NIFTY Call Options and Put options etc...  MCX data providers are focusing Commodity live feeds.

What is Trading System?

Trading system is a single or group of conditions, that determine buy,sell price for a given scrips. these price also called signals,often marked on a chart in real time basis.

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Software Setup video 

NIFTY Future Robotic Trading Demo


Robotic Trading Software setup 
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